Get pampered at the new Amaya Spa

One of the best things about running Dubai Marina Mums is all the invites I get from local businesses to review their services.

I’m not complaining! However, I do make it clear, that I am NOT obliged to review and/or post on our site. I will only review and share the services with the community if  (1.) I absolute LOVE and see something NEW it could offer the mums in the community, or (2.) they are willing to give a massive giveaway to the members of my group!


Amaya Spa contacted me to try out their services at the new location by Dream Towers in the Marina (the building where the BIG Al Maya is). Great location because of ample parking and and supermarket next door, so can kill two birds with one trip.

I tried waxing, with a lovely Indian lady called ‘Mumtaz’. She was great. She has been working with the owners for the past 12 years and seemed really professional and patient with a nervous, squeemish client!

She helped me breathe with every strip and actually reminded me of a maternal midwife guiding you though a natural birth! (I do get a bit dramatic during a wax!)

I then tried the mani and pedi – loved the OCD tendancy of the therapist, Maria. Now, nails for me is a big thing! As a compulisve nail biter for 30 years, I have only JUST got into being able to get a manicure with perfctly long nails (how i got rid of the habit, i will reveal in another blog!).

The therapist sings along to the music, indulges in a bit of banter, and they all looked happy and content, definitely the formula to make a place successful!

Amaya Spa invited 10 Dubai Marina Mums to try their Mani and Pedi and yes, 10 mums did go and loved a little me time before the school run. They have opened the offer of 20% for the whole month of Ramadan if you quote Dubai Marina Mums during your booking for an appointment.




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