Fit Woman UAE / Marina Mums Boot Camp


Olivia Johnson, Fit Woman UAE, can often be seen jogging with mountain buggy (with baby), or exercise equipment in tow in the Marina

I started my fitness journey in 2015. I had ZERO exercise for the past 5 years (other than the desperate bursts of workouts to shed the baby weight) I never actually embraced fitness as a lifestyle.

I owe my initial burst of motivation to Olivia Johnson, founder of Fit Woman UAE

I saw her posts on the Dubai Marina Mum Group wall and loved how she got the ladies together for a run around the expanse of the Marina followed by a boot camp!

I was intrigued and interested to give it a try!

The Fit Woman group meets thrice a week by the Marina Mall – a quick warm-up run towards the Yacht Club and beyond, after which the real workout starts!



You feel motivated and go the extra mile when you have a bunch of mums running with you


Mums from the neighbourhood rushing to the meeting point straight after drop off – all of them with the common goal of improving themselves- embracing a healthier lifestyle together as a group!

The whole atmosphere was encouraging and motivating. Starting the routine around the fall of 2014, just when the weather began cooling down, working out outdoors, away from the four walls of a gym, with amazing views of the Marina…made it all worthwhile .

Word spread and the cafes we would run past week after week, would invite us for a post run juice or coffee – an invitation we lapped up whenever we could!


Yay! We just finsihed a 3 km run!


Olivia’s Charlie’s Angels

We enjoyed the weekly sessions so much that I signed up with Olivia for PT. We started out with a BMI and a chat about what my targets were, we had weekly measures and weigh ins, along with me keeping a food diary! Our sessions were super, one on one, intense and, most of all, outdoors – with the beautiful background of the Marina.


Rainbow coloured running shoes


IMG_3359My kids  loved joining in whenever they could and would watch Olivia and myself sweat it out! Olivia used this as a motivating tool “Show your girls what hard work looks like, Dee!” encouraging me to complete a rep or two!

FITWOMAN offers Personal Training/Boot camp/Marathon Training, all within the Marina. Olivia meets once a week in Palm Jumeirah for Mummy and Baby fitness sessions with Mountain Buggy. For further details for Mum and Baby Fitness, please click here for Mum and Baby Fitness


You can follow the very active FB Group FitWoman FB for further details! Thanks Olivia! Another fab Marina Mum – lucky to have you in the community!



Result Fitness

Result Fitness is a personal training company started by Marina Mum, Aleksandra Nastic and her husband, a lovely couple from Serbia based right here in the Marina. Their passion for fitness enabled them to start this first of its kind exclusive PT (Personal Training) company, where highly trained personal trainers come to your location – wherever it might be, your home, office, the beach, the park, etc. They come fully equipped, with a personal workout plan specially designed for you.

I was invited to try out a session one early Friday morning by JBR Beach and it was an offer I couldn’t refuse.


We started with warming up, and the coaches came with their own mats, body rolls and resistance bands. The 60 minute workout, in the open sea breeze was a perfect start for a fit weekend.


That’s me and Aleksandra, the founder with trainers, Milos and Stank, enjoying an adrenaline-induced post-workout selfie!

The team of coaches are Serbian, Milos and Jenko and their female trainer, Maya. All of them were friendly, professional, and they knew how to keep you motivated – just when you start giving up!

Result Fitness opened up the offer to the rest of the Dubai Marina Mums and gave out a set of 15 free personal training sessions – for the mums to try and review.

After my initial post about this on the Dubai Marina Mums group, I received great feedback – and I know of many mums who signed up for their sessions after the trial.

They are currently offering all DMM a 20% discount if you sign up for a 12 or 24 session pack, including a customised nutritional plan.

Call up Milos – 050 1741790 or look them up on Result Fitness