The story of the new DMM


A few months ago I decided it was time. The time had come to create a look and feel for Dubai Marina Mums that it deserved. Usually,  a product or a service always looks better than it is (thanks to great marketing!) but MM was the opposite….it was never ‘marketed’no spamming, no PR, no ‘Join the group and win 1000000 AED!’ It just grew organically from word of mouth and the FB forum just evolved.

I had not started out with any particular aim in mind,  I just wanted to create a community that would help each other. But thanks to you all, I feel like it evolved into a group that can inform, argue, discuss, tear apart, compliment, support and help each other in our Dubai Chapter –  So why shouldn’t the brand reflect just that?

As luck would have it, I met Nishita, co-founder of a small branding agency called designSOS who works typically with clients like me…..clueless and don’t know where to start. In desperate need to translate what was in my head on paper and who understood my vision almost immediately….I decided to work with her because she ticked all the boxes: she was a member of Marina Mums for years, she had lived in Dubai Marina for 10 years and loved it, she understood what I wanted and was extremely patient, managed my expectations and  nudged me when I needed it .. (And I needed it a lot!! )


On our 150th cup of coffee in one of many Marina watering holes…

And so we started our journey , after many coffees, long hours of discussion, a couple of disagreements, lots and lots of emails and WhatsApp messages and  A LOT of procrastination on my part… I am happy with what I have achieved and well on my way to do much more and grow with feedback and experience.

While rebranding, I also took the opportunity to start a blog. I have so much information in my head and have reached a point where I feel that this wealth of knowledge can only help anyone who needs it. As you all know, I love to share ,  and this is a great way to follow my passion while also talk about what is happening in the marina (since it’s a city on it’s own).

My blog covers how  Dubai Marina Mums are helping the community, pioneering new ideas and starting their own ventures, raising a family in our expat village and, of course, the local scoop! So the idea is to keep the Facebook Group as the primary source of discussion, but whenever you have time, you can get more detailed info on my blog…in case you haven’t had enough of me.

But let me remind you that all this you see, is because of you; your support, your love,  your participation. So in a way this rebrand it to celebrate “US” as a living, breathing, awesome thriving community. Thank you,  Dubai Marina Mums.


Meet a Marina Mummy and mini author

Running the Dubai Marina Mums group has led me to meet and come across some of the most interesting people in our community  and its my endeavour to share the love and inspiration – Ask, Support and Share!

Meet Mummy Tripata and her daughter Krystal – both have authored a book aimed at young children titled “I Am A Star and You Are One Too” currently stocked at Kinokuniya and Magrudy’s.

I was delighted to be invited to the Sakhrani Family home in the prestigious 23 Marina. Known as one of the of the tallest buildings in the Middle East, going up the elevator and with a birds eye view of the city was an experience in itself!


The elevator panel taking us 90 floors up and the unbeatable view had the little girls awestruck for the first 5 minutes!


Tirpata also known as (Serena) amongst her Dubai friends, grew up in Indonesia and has made her home in the Dubai Marina. Her style of parenting is hands on DIYing with her girls with make your own monopoly, baking and cooking!

Both of the girls are students of JPS (Jumeirah Primary School). Krystal, same age as my little Saira, was a delight, as we had all come over to have a chat about and maybe inspire the other 9 year old about her new book titled “I am a Star and You are One too!”

Written over Easter Break in April this year – this was a mummy and daughter DIY project as Krystal’s dream is to be an author ! Tirpata saw this as a learning moment. They sat down together to develop a story line, followed by working collaboratively on the graphics and characters!



The final result surprised them both – and they wanted to share their project, their pride and joy with everyone they knew. They made joint calls to the correct licencing  authorities and were surprised on how smooth the process was. They invested in getting 500 prints published, which are now on sale in two of Dubai’s leading bookstores.

Krsytal can’t wait to share this book with the JPS community, and has her first book signing and Story Time booked in for the following week.


Feeling like the queen of the world – with this powerful view from her window!


I asked little Krystal what she loved about living in the Marina and her list was unsurprisingly  very long. She loved the view from her apartment high above, where can see the entire city, from the Atlantis fireworks to all the concerts and fairs right below by Dubai Media City. Another favourite was a family outing to the Marina fountains for ice cream or hopping on the Dubai Tram to enjoy the Beach in the evening for a meal.



Thank you so much Krystal Sakhrani! We love our signed copy of your book and spending  a wonderful morning together!


Saira & Krystal, both 9 years old, and Marina’s budding girls!

To girl power and letting our little ones know that anything is possible if you work hard and use all the opportunities that surround you!

You can get your own copy of “I am a star and you are one too” a motivational book inspiring our little ones to look into themselves and recognising the spark within.

Available at  Kinokuniya Dubai Mall and Magrudy’s Jumeirah retailed at AED 33.




Some of the coolest gym listings in the hood!

CrossFit workout is about


If you’re looking for something more substantial than the gyms in your building, or want a place you can join others for classes, then the Marina has some amazing fitness studios. Here are some to help you get started…

Tribe Fit, Dubai Marina 

Here’s one of the largest and most ‘socially active’ gym in the Marina. It’s really convenient with an amazing location right in t10850258_10152647834536696_7739799513363334278_nhe middle of the promenade and a great line up of GX classes on and off location.

They also do Beach Yoga every Sunday by JBR beach at 7:30 am and weekly boot camp sessions if you’re a fan of outdoor workouts! AED 50 for non-members. And on nice days you could have an outdoor Pilates session at the Tribe Fit terrace overlooking the Marina. (Look at the DMM’s awesome poses!)

L:  Silverene Tower (next to Dubai Marina Mall)
T: 800 TRIBE (87423)

PoleFit, Dubai Marina

A ladies only Pole Fitness class combining cardio, core strength and toning. Suitable for all ages, fitness abilities, body shapes and experience levels, aerial arts are the hottest workout on the circuit today, promising a stronger, leaner body in two weeks, more confidence and self-esteem in two days and more sassiness in two minutes.


L: Marina Sale Tower Dubai Marina
T: 800 PoleFit(765-3348)

Core Fit, Dubai Marina 

I know a few who swear by their Core Fit group, an exercise studio that offers group exercises options with a variety of indoor and outdoor classes, catering to all levels of fitness and goals.

Zumba Fitness, Core Fit & Core Explode  and CF Strength & Conditioning. They offer  an electric atmosphere, world-class instructors, a pumping sound system and revolutionary heart rate tracking software.

L: Dubai Marina and Sheikh Zayed Road
T: +9714 422 5338

Exhale Fitness, JBR

1_45This is probably one of the oldest yoga and Pilates studios in the Marina. I remember going there to help lose my baby weight 9 years ago! This “women only” studio offers a packed schedule for yoga, Pilates and children’s gymnastics and karate.

It’s walking distance for most in the community, located at the plaza level of Murjan JBR. They also have reserved parking, a big plus if you’re coming by car

L: Murjan, JBR
T: +9714 4243777

Platform3Fitness, Dubai Marina

This boutique gym is located at the Park Island in Dubai Marina, and offers private training by some of Dubai’s most experienced trainers. You can check out their website for offers and packages on Pre and Post natal fitness, physiotherapy, circuit training and group Personal Training.

L: Park Island, Dubai Marina
T: +9714 435 8083

136.1 Yoga Studio, Dubai Marina

This is probably one of the most beautiful yoga studios I have visited, with the most spectacular views of the Marina and with one of the best vibes, you just feel this surge of calmness as you walk in this studio.

25If you are a yoga lover, they offer various types of yoga classes: Ashtanga, Tantric, Iyengar, Sivananda, and pre and post natal yoga. Along with the classes, they also offer many free talks and workshops on meditation, Pranic Healing, Buddhist gong meditation and regular Kirtans. If you love yoga, you must check this out!


L: Trident Bayside, First Floor, Dubai Marina
T: +9714 4416287


Cross Fit , Waves Tower , Marina

This facility is another popular one discussed on the Dubai Marina Mums Forum with dedicated followers swearing by the results and the commitment from the Cross Fit Team .

A  combination indoor workouts with outdoor ones by the Marina walk and their website below has a list of all their schedules , do try their FREE TRIALS to get a feel what CrossFit workout is all about!

L: Iconic Fitness /Crossfit Duo, Damac Wave Towers

W:Iconic Fitness

T:+971 (0) 45586507

The Beach Gym, JBR

Probably the gym with the best view, located right by the open seas with views of the towering JBR buildings! Fully-equipped outdoor gym featuring weight lifting equipment, CrossFit apparatus, rope climbs, kettle bells, rowing machines and jumpboxes.


With the weather cooling down, the open space by the beach offer regular yoga and boot camps. Organised and free of cost to those who register, follow the

The Beach regularly invite yoga enthusiasts of any age and skill level to start their day right with complimentary yoga classes at THE BEACH. Don’t forget to bring your own mat, towel and water. Follow them on to find out more about their Wellness by the Sea programme – free fitness activities for the Marina residents

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday
07:00 AM – 08:00 AM / W:
L: South Lawn (near kids Play Area)


A “Good Market” for DM Mums

Good Market was the idea of Dubai Marina Mum, Neesha Krishna Law, a great online resource for wholesome groceries at wholesale prices. She asked me to view her website and provide feedback on her products and her prices. I have to admit that I did procrastinate until after the summer to get it done since I had already done my big grocery haul!!

When I visited the site, I regretted not doing this earlier! The website is fully stocked with sustainable, gluten free, paleo, fructose free,refined sugar free and organic certified items that are HOME DELIVERED to you at a FRACTION OF A PRICE you would pay at one of the most popular supermarkets in the Marina (or anywhere in Dubai for that matter). For example, the RED MILL collection of various flours (quinoa, GF Cake mix etc.) which retails at an average of AED 22 is available for AED 15 on her site.

Her business model is simple: to provide healthy groceries at wholesale prices delivered to your doorstep.

14232514_10153921601531696_7644333712620920652_nI was sent this beautiful collection of her best products for my little Gluten intolerant 7 year old and am delighted to share this amazing option for mums who might have kids with intolerences / or prefer an alternative diet without all the GUNK!

A favourite product that I frequently purchased is the Gluten Free Cake and Cookie Mix. I was ecstatic to find the same product 30% less than I usually pay for it. I was also curious to find out what was included in the Kiddy Snack Box – I ordered one to add in my  7 year old’s snack box! The box was AED 135 excluding the 20% you get with your first order! Moreover, THIS is how I received it (see image below)…so lovelKids_Boxy!

Another suggestion I took up seriously was making all my Indian rotis (naan bread) with quinoa flour, I was intimidated at first , but was surprised to see how beauifully soft they came out. It is grainer than the usual dough but after a few bites you get used to it! Highly suggest using this for your next GF rotis.


Hope you enjoy browsing through the webiste Good Market . The founder, Neesha Krishna Law  was a pleasure to speak with and I loved her passion behind this much needed service in Dubai!

Check it out….


E: Neesha on

T: 050 481 5992