Meet a Marina Mummy and mini author

Running the Dubai Marina Mums group has led me to meet and come across some of the most interesting people in our community  and its my endeavour to share the love and inspiration – Ask, Support and Share!

Meet Mummy Tripata and her daughter Krystal – both have authored a book aimed at young children titled “I Am A Star and You Are One Too” currently stocked at Kinokuniya and Magrudy’s.

I was delighted to be invited to the Sakhrani Family home in the prestigious 23 Marina. Known as one of the of the tallest buildings in the Middle East, going up the elevator and with a birds eye view of the city was an experience in itself!


The elevator panel taking us 90 floors up and the unbeatable view had the little girls awestruck for the first 5 minutes!


Tirpata also known as (Serena) amongst her Dubai friends, grew up in Indonesia and has made her home in the Dubai Marina. Her style of parenting is hands on DIYing with her girls with make your own monopoly, baking and cooking!

Both of the girls are students of JPS (Jumeirah Primary School). Krystal, same age as my little Saira, was a delight, as we had all come over to have a chat about and maybe inspire the other 9 year old about her new book titled “I am a Star and You are One too!”

Written over Easter Break in April this year – this was a mummy and daughter DIY project as Krystal’s dream is to be an author ! Tirpata saw this as a learning moment. They sat down together to develop a story line, followed by working collaboratively on the graphics and characters!



The final result surprised them both – and they wanted to share their project, their pride and joy with everyone they knew. They made joint calls to the correct licencing  authorities and were surprised on how smooth the process was. They invested in getting 500 prints published, which are now on sale in two of Dubai’s leading bookstores.

Krsytal can’t wait to share this book with the JPS community, and has her first book signing and Story Time booked in for the following week.


Feeling like the queen of the world – with this powerful view from her window!


I asked little Krystal what she loved about living in the Marina and her list was unsurprisingly  very long. She loved the view from her apartment high above, where can see the entire city, from the Atlantis fireworks to all the concerts and fairs right below by Dubai Media City. Another favourite was a family outing to the Marina fountains for ice cream or hopping on the Dubai Tram to enjoy the Beach in the evening for a meal.



Thank you so much Krystal Sakhrani! We love our signed copy of your book and spending  a wonderful morning together!


Saira & Krystal, both 9 years old, and Marina’s budding girls!

To girl power and letting our little ones know that anything is possible if you work hard and use all the opportunities that surround you!

You can get your own copy of “I am a star and you are one too” a motivational book inspiring our little ones to look into themselves and recognising the spark within.

Available at  Kinokuniya Dubai Mall and Magrudy’s Jumeirah retailed at AED 33.




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