The story of the new DMM


A few months ago I decided it was time. The time had come to create a look and feel for Dubai Marina Mums that it deserved. Usually,  a product or a service always looks better than it is (thanks to great marketing!) but MM was the opposite….it was never ‘marketed’no spamming, no PR, no ‘Join the group and win 1000000 AED!’ It just grew organically from word of mouth and the FB forum just evolved.

I had not started out with any particular aim in mind,  I just wanted to create a community that would help each other. But thanks to you all, I feel like it evolved into a group that can inform, argue, discuss, tear apart, compliment, support and help each other in our Dubai Chapter –  So why shouldn’t the brand reflect just that?

As luck would have it, I met Nishita, co-founder of a small branding agency called designSOS who works typically with clients like me…..clueless and don’t know where to start. In desperate need to translate what was in my head on paper and who understood my vision almost immediately….I decided to work with her because she ticked all the boxes: she was a member of Marina Mums for years, she had lived in Dubai Marina for 10 years and loved it, she understood what I wanted and was extremely patient, managed my expectations and  nudged me when I needed it .. (And I needed it a lot!! )


On our 150th cup of coffee in one of many Marina watering holes…

And so we started our journey , after many coffees, long hours of discussion, a couple of disagreements, lots and lots of emails and WhatsApp messages and  A LOT of procrastination on my part… I am happy with what I have achieved and well on my way to do much more and grow with feedback and experience.

While rebranding, I also took the opportunity to start a blog. I have so much information in my head and have reached a point where I feel that this wealth of knowledge can only help anyone who needs it. As you all know, I love to share ,  and this is a great way to follow my passion while also talk about what is happening in the marina (since it’s a city on it’s own).

My blog covers how  Dubai Marina Mums are helping the community, pioneering new ideas and starting their own ventures, raising a family in our expat village and, of course, the local scoop! So the idea is to keep the Facebook Group as the primary source of discussion, but whenever you have time, you can get more detailed info on my blog…in case you haven’t had enough of me.

But let me remind you that all this you see, is because of you; your support, your love,  your participation. So in a way this rebrand it to celebrate “US” as a living, breathing, awesome thriving community. Thank you,  Dubai Marina Mums.


About dubaimarinamumshttps://dubaimarinamumsdotcom.wordpress.comAn off shoot of the hugely popular Facebook Group -Dubai Marina Mums

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