Paella , Tapas and Sangria Night at Home with Chef Luis from Urban Paella

Entertaining at home is something I enjoy immensely and in the past 13 years of living in Dubai , many reasons have been found to invite friends over .

I had been following Chef Louis from URBAN PAELLA on instagram for more than a year  after I read  few reviews on the Dubai Marina Mums Group page and was waiting for the perfect alibi to have home over for a fun filled Paella evening.

After a quick chat and confirming the number of guests and few brief conversations on the phone,  our Menu was set at the 6 Tapas items and one large Platter of Seafood Paella.


Tapas table ready on display

The Tapas Menu included Spanish Omellete , Lentil Salad , Board cheeses and grapes, Empanada Galega (baked puff pastry stuffed with olives tuna eggs and tomato,  Eggplant Tempura with Date Syrup, Chicken Skewers, and Prawn with Spanish Paprika.

For drinks, I really wanted to serve SANGRIA , and Chef Luis happily obliged to help me mix the botttlesof wine (personal ) with his concoction of Aniseed, Cinnamon, chopped fruit. He mixed them all in the Giant plastic tub and always had the sangria jugs well stocked during the party!

I was surprised to see Chef Luis as he promptly took over the kitchen, as 6feet5 he was the tallest person to ever enter my kitchen,  designed for a shortie like me he seemed very comfortable maneuvering around.


Chef Luis Esqueta – Urban Paella

After the initial round of drinks , Chef Luis served the tapas himself , interacted with my guests explained to us what went inside the food and loved helping out with refilling any empty Sangria Glasses!


Toast to the beautiful platter of Paella!


The Package includes serving ware and serving cutlery: i provided my own dinner ware layed buffet style for 20 guests.

What I enjoyed about hiring  URBAN PAELLA  and Chef Luis in the genuity he brings . From the serving ware and crockery , the tablescape  suggestions for a spanish playlist : he knows how to create an amazing atmosphere and bring a non spanish like me the best of Spanish Hospitality!

To add to the evening , I contacted 800 Flowers 800 Flowers  a company that collaborated with Marina Mums for a Christmas bouquet giveaway and their founder Sandrine Ales was a pleasure to work with: As dinner party favours I ordered 20 bouquets of Lavender bunches as a thank you to my friends who came, along with a Bright red Spanish Rose each for the guest to add to their hair as they entered to feel the Spanish Senorita vibe: the fragrance of flowers was beautiful and added to the evening!

This party was so much fun hosting, it was Senorita’s only so a lot of dancing , laughter , failed attmpts to boomerang , posing and giggles with some lovely people I am glad to call friends over the years!!

To get in touch with Chef  Luis , click this link for all the details! Urban Paella UAE


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