Dee, the Founder, Marina Mums

4,000 Mums, 250 posts per day, 40 events and 47 nationalities later, the time has come to show some love…

Colour 14If you have been a part of the Marina Mums FB Group, most of you know me as Dee (short for Deepika), the admin! I have absolutely loved being the administrator of this successful FB forum, and have seen the community page grow from strength to strength.

Marina Mums started out in 2009, out of sheer desperation – a need to reach out to meet fellow mums, who had just experienced giving birth or were raising a family away from home.

We were one of the first to move to JBR in the Marina 10 years ago. Never knew that JBR held duplex apartments with lovely patios and gardens! I loved the fully pedestrian plaza level – leading out to the pools, the beach, the 24/7 grocery, kids nurseries, doctors, and a pharmacy all a few 100 meters away. (Seriously…what’s NOT around here?).

Saira was 9 months old when we moved to the Marina; she was one of the biggest
reasons for wanting to reach out, make baby friends, meet mums.

I remember the day after having Saira, I was out on the plaza level, fully geared and kitted with the latest Mommy Gear, barely hanging onto the newly launched Bugaboo chameleon Diaper bag all organised. On my ‘Yes! I am a full-time mummy now, let’s make this happen’ walk,  I realized, having some mommy friends would be great to share this outburst of energy!

Sitting by the bench, (No iPhones existed at that time) I remember striking a conversation with a fellow mum, and then another and then another. So, instead of adding them all to my phone book, a Facebook group was born. Whenever I met a mum with a bub, our conversations would end with ‘Join the MM group on Facebook to stay in touch ok??’ I would then update them on what we were doing that day. I clearly recall one of my first posts on Marina Mums was ‘Taking Saira for a walk – who would like to join in?’ From 4 comments on that post to over 250 posts per day today, the DMM’s family continues to grow.

Colour 10

Saira and Annika

I loved the multicultural vibe in my neighbourhood. Within a month of moving in, I met a fellow Singaporean Mum, bumped into my Japanese neighbour, exhanged notes with a Pakistani Mum and had a tea with a Turkish Mum. I loved how everyone from different corners of the world decided to call Dubai their home.

Now, 8 years later, I have two lovely daughters – Saira and Annika. Its been exciting to watch them grow up with the Marina. As you can see, we still enjoy the lifestyle that has evolved – beach bums, water babes and all.