The Colour Run Dubai 2016 – the happiest run ever!

We got tickets for  The Colour Run on a whim…they were on sale at Adventure HQ in JBR. Feeling guilty after yet another breakfast on the beach, my husband and I decided to practice what we preach, that is “take advantage of the great outdoors” Dubai-style – and purchased the race kits to prove a couple of points to our girls; 1. always choose a healthier lifestyle and 2. running can also be fun!


A quick 7 am pic before leaving the hood!

The kids loved the race kits (T-shirt, headbands, tattoos, flower necklaces and the race bib). We paid AED 165 per kit and hoped and prayed that we would have a tantrum- and fight-free 5 km run with the promise of an active morning. We were really excited about playing with dry colour (similar to our Indian festival of Holi!), wearing our cute costumes, and of course, that 6 am wake up call! Poor hubs was outnumbered with all this enthusiasm.

When we reached the venue, the VIBE was buzzing, with a sea of people in the same gear as us. We saw kids in baby carriers, push chairs, little toddlers on shoulders and lots of cool parents (like us) who took the plunge and showed up!

The 5 km run had 5 colour zones; after every 1 km run, there was a colour zone where volunteers BLITZED everyone with tubs of safe edible-grade coloured powder. Since the run was split into 5 parts, it made it doable and fun, as the kids had the color zone as an incentive to keep running and sprinting – every 100 meters away from the zone!


The kids absolutely loved the whole experience and we survived the 5 km, without a fight or tantrum or meltdown. And an incentive of the concert for my pre-teen and ice cream for the 7-year-old seemed to work!

We completed the run within an hour or so by 10:30 am and still had time and energy for the colour burst concert where all those who finished the run celebrated with music and colour bursts every 15 minutes (shower of colour in unison). It just felt like HOLI (the Indian festival of colours celebrated on the beginning of spring in March with dry colours and flowers in the community). This felt the same, but with a little bit of an international twist!

While we had a fantastic experience, there were a few things that could have been improved upon:

We were seeing all the disposable plastic water bottles being littered throughout the track! Yes, we need water on a hot sunny day, but this was a great opportunity to spread awareness amongst the public and especially the kids, of recycling and saving the environment. If the littering along the track wasn’t bad enough, the worst was close to the finish line. There must have been over 5,000 plastic bottles mixed with cardboard boxes, all piled up ready to be taken to the landfill (I assume). There were no signs whatsoever for recycling. This definitely left a bitter taste at the end of such a fun run and there was a lot of explaining to do to the kids about why they were NOT being recycled. The organizers need to sort this out for next time. Plastic recycling in large scale events should be a priority.

More volunteers are needed to keep an eye on unsupervised teenagers, and they were a lot of them! I know we were teenagers once, but there was some “eye-popping” behaviour going on, which is a no-no especially when you have vulnerable little kids around!

With a ticket price of AED 165 , I would have expected some more stuff for the families…. larger spaces, more kiddy zones, refreshments zones, baby medals for kids under 10 who completed the race, etc….

But the overall feel and vibe was fun and safe and, of course, made us super FIT!

Log into The Color Run AE for more details on their next event in 2017!100x300-2

Some of the coolest gym listings in the hood!

CrossFit workout is about


If you’re looking for something more substantial than the gyms in your building, or want a place you can join others for classes, then the Marina has some amazing fitness studios. Here are some to help you get started…

Tribe Fit, Dubai Marina 

Here’s one of the largest and most ‘socially active’ gym in the Marina. It’s really convenient with an amazing location right in t10850258_10152647834536696_7739799513363334278_nhe middle of the promenade and a great line up of GX classes on and off location.

They also do Beach Yoga every Sunday by JBR beach at 7:30 am and weekly boot camp sessions if you’re a fan of outdoor workouts! AED 50 for non-members. And on nice days you could have an outdoor Pilates session at the Tribe Fit terrace overlooking the Marina. (Look at the DMM’s awesome poses!)

L:  Silverene Tower (next to Dubai Marina Mall)
T: 800 TRIBE (87423)

PoleFit, Dubai Marina

A ladies only Pole Fitness class combining cardio, core strength and toning. Suitable for all ages, fitness abilities, body shapes and experience levels, aerial arts are the hottest workout on the circuit today, promising a stronger, leaner body in two weeks, more confidence and self-esteem in two days and more sassiness in two minutes.


L: Marina Sale Tower Dubai Marina
T: 800 PoleFit(765-3348)

Core Fit, Dubai Marina 

I know a few who swear by their Core Fit group, an exercise studio that offers group exercises options with a variety of indoor and outdoor classes, catering to all levels of fitness and goals.

Zumba Fitness, Core Fit & Core Explode  and CF Strength & Conditioning. They offer  an electric atmosphere, world-class instructors, a pumping sound system and revolutionary heart rate tracking software.

L: Dubai Marina and Sheikh Zayed Road
T: +9714 422 5338

Exhale Fitness, JBR

1_45This is probably one of the oldest yoga and Pilates studios in the Marina. I remember going there to help lose my baby weight 9 years ago! This “women only” studio offers a packed schedule for yoga, Pilates and children’s gymnastics and karate.

It’s walking distance for most in the community, located at the plaza level of Murjan JBR. They also have reserved parking, a big plus if you’re coming by car

L: Murjan, JBR
T: +9714 4243777

Platform3Fitness, Dubai Marina

This boutique gym is located at the Park Island in Dubai Marina, and offers private training by some of Dubai’s most experienced trainers. You can check out their website for offers and packages on Pre and Post natal fitness, physiotherapy, circuit training and group Personal Training.

L: Park Island, Dubai Marina
T: +9714 435 8083

136.1 Yoga Studio, Dubai Marina

This is probably one of the most beautiful yoga studios I have visited, with the most spectacular views of the Marina and with one of the best vibes, you just feel this surge of calmness as you walk in this studio.

25If you are a yoga lover, they offer various types of yoga classes: Ashtanga, Tantric, Iyengar, Sivananda, and pre and post natal yoga. Along with the classes, they also offer many free talks and workshops on meditation, Pranic Healing, Buddhist gong meditation and regular Kirtans. If you love yoga, you must check this out!


L: Trident Bayside, First Floor, Dubai Marina
T: +9714 4416287


Cross Fit , Waves Tower , Marina

This facility is another popular one discussed on the Dubai Marina Mums Forum with dedicated followers swearing by the results and the commitment from the Cross Fit Team .

A  combination indoor workouts with outdoor ones by the Marina walk and their website below has a list of all their schedules , do try their FREE TRIALS to get a feel what CrossFit workout is all about!

L: Iconic Fitness /Crossfit Duo, Damac Wave Towers

W:Iconic Fitness

T:+971 (0) 45586507

The Beach Gym, JBR

Probably the gym with the best view, located right by the open seas with views of the towering JBR buildings! Fully-equipped outdoor gym featuring weight lifting equipment, CrossFit apparatus, rope climbs, kettle bells, rowing machines and jumpboxes.


With the weather cooling down, the open space by the beach offer regular yoga and boot camps. Organised and free of cost to those who register, follow the

The Beach regularly invite yoga enthusiasts of any age and skill level to start their day right with complimentary yoga classes at THE BEACH. Don’t forget to bring your own mat, towel and water. Follow them on to find out more about their Wellness by the Sea programme – free fitness activities for the Marina residents

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday
07:00 AM – 08:00 AM / W:
L: South Lawn (near kids Play Area)


Fit Woman UAE / Marina Mums Boot Camp


Olivia Johnson, Fit Woman UAE, can often be seen jogging with mountain buggy (with baby), or exercise equipment in tow in the Marina

I started my fitness journey in 2015. I had ZERO exercise for the past 5 years (other than the desperate bursts of workouts to shed the baby weight) I never actually embraced fitness as a lifestyle.

I owe my initial burst of motivation to Olivia Johnson, founder of Fit Woman UAE

I saw her posts on the Dubai Marina Mum Group wall and loved how she got the ladies together for a run around the expanse of the Marina followed by a boot camp!

I was intrigued and interested to give it a try!

The Fit Woman group meets thrice a week by the Marina Mall – a quick warm-up run towards the Yacht Club and beyond, after which the real workout starts!



You feel motivated and go the extra mile when you have a bunch of mums running with you


Mums from the neighbourhood rushing to the meeting point straight after drop off – all of them with the common goal of improving themselves- embracing a healthier lifestyle together as a group!

The whole atmosphere was encouraging and motivating. Starting the routine around the fall of 2014, just when the weather began cooling down, working out outdoors, away from the four walls of a gym, with amazing views of the Marina…made it all worthwhile .

Word spread and the cafes we would run past week after week, would invite us for a post run juice or coffee – an invitation we lapped up whenever we could!


Yay! We just finsihed a 3 km run!


Olivia’s Charlie’s Angels

We enjoyed the weekly sessions so much that I signed up with Olivia for PT. We started out with a BMI and a chat about what my targets were, we had weekly measures and weigh ins, along with me keeping a food diary! Our sessions were super, one on one, intense and, most of all, outdoors – with the beautiful background of the Marina.


Rainbow coloured running shoes


IMG_3359My kids  loved joining in whenever they could and would watch Olivia and myself sweat it out! Olivia used this as a motivating tool “Show your girls what hard work looks like, Dee!” encouraging me to complete a rep or two!

FITWOMAN offers Personal Training/Boot camp/Marathon Training, all within the Marina. Olivia meets once a week in Palm Jumeirah for Mummy and Baby fitness sessions with Mountain Buggy. For further details for Mum and Baby Fitness, please click here for Mum and Baby Fitness


You can follow the very active FB Group FitWoman FB for further details! Thanks Olivia! Another fab Marina Mum – lucky to have you in the community!



Result Fitness

Result Fitness is a personal training company started by Marina Mum, Aleksandra Nastic and her husband, a lovely couple from Serbia based right here in the Marina. Their passion for fitness enabled them to start this first of its kind exclusive PT (Personal Training) company, where highly trained personal trainers come to your location – wherever it might be, your home, office, the beach, the park, etc. They come fully equipped, with a personal workout plan specially designed for you.

I was invited to try out a session one early Friday morning by JBR Beach and it was an offer I couldn’t refuse.


We started with warming up, and the coaches came with their own mats, body rolls and resistance bands. The 60 minute workout, in the open sea breeze was a perfect start for a fit weekend.


That’s me and Aleksandra, the founder with trainers, Milos and Stank, enjoying an adrenaline-induced post-workout selfie!

The team of coaches are Serbian, Milos and Jenko and their female trainer, Maya. All of them were friendly, professional, and they knew how to keep you motivated – just when you start giving up!

Result Fitness opened up the offer to the rest of the Dubai Marina Mums and gave out a set of 15 free personal training sessions – for the mums to try and review.

After my initial post about this on the Dubai Marina Mums group, I received great feedback – and I know of many mums who signed up for their sessions after the trial.

They are currently offering all DMM a 20% discount if you sign up for a 12 or 24 session pack, including a customised nutritional plan.

Call up Milos – 050 1741790 or look them up on Result Fitness