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A little bit of what Dubai Marina Mums have been up to in the past 7 years .

Over the years, as the Facebook group Dubai Marina Mums grew in numbers , I realised it was mainly due to word of mouth.  Marina Mums FB Group – prides itself in zero advertising, sponsored posts, spamming other FB walls in order to gain members. Being one of Dubai’s first few Community group we did get our fair  share of press.

One of the first write up’s was a lovely feature in Time Out Kids in September of 2010, when the Marina Mums Back Garden Play Dates were the social event of the season – Read the write up here – Time Out Kids Dubai Features Marina Mums way back in 2010 but that’s what got the ball rolling…

Time Out Kids

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Gulf News

In December of 2011 , Gulf News did a survey of the top neighbourhood groups of Dubai.They weren’t many to choose from then , but proud to say DMM stood no 1!  Read the full article here –Best Neighbourhood Groups in Dubai – Gulf News

Seashells On The Palm

Seashells On The Palm voted the best parenting blog by Time Out 2016  ran an exclusive interview about Marina Mums and how it started – Seashells on the Palm – Interview Deepika Gupta read in here!

Deepika Gupta or better known as Dee, and I were the founding mothers at Homegrown Nursery 6 years back, and we have re-connected through the amazing channels that often happens in Dubai, and it has been great to sit down to talk to her about her Marina Mums portal that can be found on Facebook. It has been nice to remember her infectious laugh and bubbly nature, and to talk about her relationship with her two daughters.

Another one of my favourite Mommy Bloggers Emily from, Dubai Our Sandbox wrote this about Marina Mums – Dubai Our Sandbox Meets Marina Mums

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Neighbourhood Flash

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JBR Bi-Annual Feature

The Walk loved meeting the Marina Mums, this is what they had to say!

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